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CN-106494819-A: Belt conveying system capable of conveying material and equipment with upper part and conveying coal with lower part patent, CN-106494850-A: Feed mechanism of fork production device patent, CN-106494887-A: 用于处理物品的浸渍处理设备 patent, CN-106496193-A: Preparation method of high-purity nilotinib patent, CN-106496414-A: 一种速溶型耐盐降阻剂及其制备方法 patent, CN-106496436-A: 一种快餐食品包装用镀铝膜 patent, CN-106497311-A: 一种石墨烯阻燃涂层材料的制备方法 patent, CN-106497634-A: Coalescing agent made from oil meal and applied to building metal formwork release agent patent, CN-106497649-A: Engine lubricating oil with good sealing performance and high abrasion resistance and preparation method of engine lubricating oil patent, CN-106497969-A: Method for increasing positive rate of transgenic Salvia miltiorrhiza patent, CN-106499502-A: 梳形舌片分流变截面涡轮增压器 patent, CN-106499940-A: High-heat-insulation explosion-proof storage tank for liquefied natural gas patent, CN-106500561-A: Gear integrated runout inspection instrument patent, CN-106500948-A: Device for testing structure three-component coefficient through automobile driving wind and method thereof patent, CN-106501718-A: 一种电机标定系统、调节方法及标定计算方法 patent, CN-106501863-A: Elastic-wave super-magnetic source system for cross-hole tomography patent, CN-106502334-A: 一种便于拆卸的平板电脑外壳 patent, CN-106502939-A: USB adaptor and data transmission device patent, CN-106503060-A: 一种输电线路三维点云数据处理及交跨物获取方法 patent, CN-106503083-A: 基于终端的文件处理方法及装置 patent, CN-106503800-A: Deep learning model based on complex network, and application in measurement signal analysis patent, CN-106504052-A: Method, system and server for vehicle rent patent, CN-106504078-A: 基于移动互联网的家庭服务平台及方法 patent, CN-106504643-A: Support structure patent, CN-106504837-A: Method for sealing aluminum shell resistor end face patent, CN-106505290-A: Installation component for installing sensing device patent, CN-106506271-A: 数据通信方法和装置 patent, CN-106507020-A: Coaxial adaptive analog high-definition transmission anti-attenuation device and method based on differential compensation patent, CN-106507330-A: 一种设备入网配置方法及装置 patent, CN-106507594-A: 压合设备及基板与外接电路的绑定方法 patent, CN-106508309-A: Self-unloading dual-body granary capable of conducting fast cooling of interior stored grain patent, CN-106508797-A: 一种绿壳蛋鸡的养殖方法 patent, CN-106509225-A: 一种益气固精,宁心安神养生茶 patent, CN-106509915-A: Method of producing dietary fibers and co-producing xylose and furfural from corn stalks patent, CN-106509941-A: 一种大豆清洗出料干燥装置 patent, CN-106509947-A: Technology and device of smoked pet food patent, CN-106510478-A: Adjustable pot cover of splash-proof pot patent, CN-106510837-A: Steerable electrosurgical electrode patent, CN-106511532-A: Traditional Chinese medicinal composition for treating rheumatoid arthritis patent, CN-106511653-A: 一种蓝莓茶及其制备方法 patent, CN-106512142-A: 输液监护设备及方法 patent, CN-106512837-A: Efficient blending equipment for flocculating agents used for sewage treatment patent, CN-106514827-A: Manufacturing equipment and method for plant or inorganic material boards patent, CN-106514999-A: Expansion mold nozzle and expansion device patent, CN-106515643-A: 一种基于传感技术的汽车检测系统 patent, CN-106516191-A: 夹臂式排气装置 patent, CN-106516564-A: 一种同步输送链板输送机 patent, CN-106516923-A: 一种基于物联网技术的电梯运行故障预测方法 patent, CN-106516926-A: 一种用于电梯运行远程实时监控的智能终端 patent, CN-106516927-A: Elevator safety monitoring system patent, CN-106517100-A: 一种无水硫化碱的制备方法 patent, CN-106517212-A: Furnace starting process for melting silicon through induction furnace patent, CN-106517858-A: 一种多功能混凝土耐磨剂 patent, CN-106518524-A: 复混有机肥 patent, CN-106518706-A: 一种伊托必利的制备方法 patent, CN-106519043-A: 一种纤维素醚的生产工艺 patent, CN-106519550-A: Ageing-resistant bicycle frame and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106519686-A: 一种新型适用于太阳能硅片设备上的撑托节 patent, CN-106519973-A: 一种竹(木)筷或制品上油防渗剂及其使用方法 patent, CN-106521640-A: 蚕茧抽丝方法 patent, CN-106522162-A: 一种用于河道防护的生态砌块 patent, CN-106522865-A: 径向水平钻孔柔性轴打捞工具 patent, CN-106523208-A: 带有挡片的空滤器 patent, CN-106523931-A: Energy-saving LED lamp long in service life patent, CN-106524353-A: 一种空调负荷主动控制参与电力调峰的方法 patent, CN-106525306-A: Engine torque detection apparatus and method patent, CN-106525671-A: 一种燃烧颗粒图像获取装置和方法 patent, CN-106527001-A: Display panel and display device patent, CN-106527716-A: 一种基于肌电信号的穿戴设备及其与终端的交互方法 patent, CN-106528631-A: Processing method and device of beneficiary information of bank inward remittance telegraph text patent, CN-106528822-A: Construction method of business relationship circle, query method and query system of business relationship circle patent, CN-106528959-A: Simplified analysis method for inherent frequency and stability of rotational symmetric structure patent, CN-106528965-A: A working face end stress concentration factor acquiring method patent, CN-106529001-A: Method for simulating passenger evacuation process under passenger cabin construction based on improved social force model patent, CN-106529079-A: Chemical process failure detection method based on failure-dependent principal component space patent, CN-106531962-A: 一种正极粉体锂化接触界面自动更新机构 patent, CN-106532136-A: 方形软包电池及其制造方法 patent, CN-106533384-A: 声波装置及其制造方法 patent, CN-106534442-A: 移动终端检测系统 patent, CN-106534762-A: 低延时分布式音频处理方法及系统 patent, CN-106536453-A: Sulfur fertilizer patent, CN-106537379-A: 细粒度图像相似性 patent, CN-106538754-A: 一种护眼粉末油脂密蒙花茶 patent, CN-106539590-A: 计算机断层成像校正方法及计算机断层成像系统 patent, CN-106539634-A: 一种心胸外科护肺装置 patent, CN-106539671-A: Full-body massager with precise positioning and proper strength patent, CN-106541770-A: Whale water spraying landscape patent, CN-106542034-A: X型升级版折叠自行车 patent, CN-106543081-A: 一种1‑二氟烷基异喹啉的制备方法 patent, CN-106543168-A: Stable lurasidone hydrochloride hydrate compound patent, CN-106543899-A: High temperature resistant paint patent, CN-106545151-A: Self-elevating construction platform patent, CN-106546182-A: Oblique high-temperature-resistant fiber grating strain sensor patent, CN-106546753-A: 一种广州管圆线虫蛋白Galectin‑1的应用 patent, CN-106547138-A: 显示器及其显示面板 patent, CN-106547314-A: 一种导电塑料计算机屏蔽外壳 patent, CN-106548035-A: Method and device for diagnosing data abnormality patent, CN-106549060-A: 半导体装置结构及其形成方法 patent, CN-106549399-A: 一种基于滑模pi复合控制算法的并联apf直流侧电压控制方法 patent, CN-106550462-A: 一种用于重选载波的方法、用户终端和系统 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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